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Michael Hilton

Michael Hilton Smile

Fan Made

Also answers to "Michael Bobby"

His sidekick is a sweet, black puppers named Elle.

His favorite movie is The Lion King

He's a nerd. Like really, a big brainy nerd.

Orange is his least favorite gummy worm.

He wears a lot of grey shirts. Not at the same time.

Goal: "...stave off the coming wasteland of soulless fiction."

Common Saying: "If you don't, I'll burn this place to the ground." 

Follow him on social and check out his website. He has a lot of nerdy things to say.

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FeelingsFactor.com Interview

with Michael Hilton

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Michael Hilton Smirk

1. Do you solemnly swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? 


2. How did the idea for Bobby Robot start? 

I really like money and want to make a lot of money. Also because I wanted to tell a story about perfectionism. So I was like, “Michael,” because that’s my name, “What’s a good way to illustrate perfectionism?” And so I answered myself, “Well, Michael,”  because that’s my name, “What if a human boy had to grow up with robots and live up to their standards?” Aha. “Brilliant,” I answered myself. Because that’s how I felt growing up.

3. What’s your least favorite food?

I accidentally ate a dog biscuit once. It wasn’t good.

4. How long did it take you to write Bobby Robot?

About a year for the first draft. With breaks for crying and despair.

5. Do you have any pets?

No. I have a freeloading dog that doesn’t pay rent, however.

6. How much can LINC bench press?

He claims he can bench 183 kg. But that number goes up each time.

7. What’s is the most useless thing you know a lot about?

I’m weirdly good at reading roman numerals. I don’t know if that’s a thing that other people struggle with, so maybe I’m just average.

8. How did you make up the words in your book, corilum, Sentinel, etc.?

I try to think of cool words that sound like other things. Corilum sounds like an element. But honestly, half the time I’ll be reading a book or an article and read a word wrong. Like the world of Kantsev came from reading the name Kazantsev wrong. So there it is.

9. What did you do for your 16th birthday?

Popped sparkling cider, opened my Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Extended Edition present, and played a game of flashlight tag in the woods with friends.

10. What’s your favorite writing spot?

The kitchen table at my parents’ house. It’s just comfortable enough to write, but just uncomfortable enough to stay on task.

11. Have you ever used a compass?

I was a boy scout soooooo, not to brag, but ya boy got his orienteering badge pretty early on.

12. Which author(s) have inspired your writing?

Tony DiTerlizzi. Never heard of him? Yeah.

13. If you could be any fictional character, which would you be?

I don’t know. Probably a tattooed hottie headed to Mars…

14. Did everything in Bobby Robot happen exactly like you planned?

Yes. After the third time I started it. I actually wrote the first chapter where Bobby’s Mother was a bot who looked like a human woman. 

15. What’s your favorite color?


16. What TV show and movies from the pre-Warp Era does LINC like best?

He loves Legends of the Hidden Temple on Nickelodeon.

17. What’s the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

When I was like 10 I thought it would be fun if I dove off the landing of my living room and landed head first onto the floor. I honestly thank God I wasn’t paralyzed.

18. If you had to pick a real song Jen would like, what would it be?

She would like anything by BTS.

19. If you could choose a body part to be cybernetic, which would you choose?

The part of my brain that does math probably.

20. What is something you hope every reader really hears from Bobby Robot?

It’s okay to make mistakes. You can still be loved despite your flaws.


21. Do you sing in the shower?

You don’t?

22. When do you do most of your brainstorming?

Ideas come to me all the time. Once I pick up the thread of something, I can get a lot of inspiration. Usually when I’m driving or running.

23. What would be the theme song of your life?

That Go The Distance song from Hercules.

24. Are we going to get another book in Bobby’s universe?


25. Would you touch faces with Jen?

I seem to go for broken girls, so yeah probably.

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