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Until the rest of the galaxy catches up, the fan merchandise is all fan made and entirely fictional. If you have an idea for Bobby Robot merch, drop the picture in the "Fan Made" category of our blog, and let's see if we can't make our dreams become a reality.

Novelty Items

(Get it? because Bobby Robot is a novel ... I crack myself up.)

Bobby and Jen 1st Selfie FAN MADE

Bobby & Jen's 1st Selfie poster


Foil Gum Wrapper chewed by LINC


Jen's signature Moon Fruit gloss


Bobby's used cybernetic arm - Age 15

* Does not include LINC


FeelingsFactor.com Pride Merch

Someday, this will all be real. I promise.

Feelings Factor

Male Feelings Factor T-shirt

Sizes Bobby - Doc 



Sizes Jen - Mother 

Female Feelings Factor T-shirt

Feelings Factor

Feelings Factor

Uni-sex Feelings Factor hoodie

Sizes Jen - Doc 


"Sometimes the deepest desires of the heart guide you when logic can't."


Barnes mug


Hold please ...


human energy source

Hold Please mug


Feelings Factor

Feelings Factor mug


Ladie's shirt 

I want

Bobby Robot's face to touch my face


Sizes Jen - Mother 

I'd rather


solar surfing.

Bumper sticker


Bobby Robot


Phone case


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