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FeelingsFactor.com, the official Bobby Robot fan site, is the go-to place to indulge in all things Bobby Robot.


FeelingsFactor.com gets exclusive info from the author, Michael Hilton. He gives us bonus facts about our favorite characters, info about Bobby's universe, and sneak peaks into future projects. 

The blog is where Bobby Robot fans find our community. We're all fan boys and girls around here, so let's do what fans do best ... talk about what we love.

Until the rest of the galaxy catches up, the fan merchandise is all fan made and entirely fictional. If you have an idea for Bobby Robot merch, drop the picture in the "Fan Made" category of our blog, and let's see if we can't make our dreams become a reality. 

The character pages are where Bobby Robot fans go to document and discover facts and trivia about our favorite characters. Some of the info can be found in the pages of Bobby Robot, but other facts are bonus tidbits straight from Michael's mouth. Maybe they'll make their way into future books, maybe they're just nuggets for our Hiltonator hearts. 

Bobby Robot's #1 Fan

I'm Carly, Bobby Robot's #1 fan. 


As your leader in fandom, I guarantee all info on this page has been sanctioned by Michael Hilton himself.  I know him. Like, I breathe the same air he breathes on a regular basis. I will not lead you astray, my friends. If you read it here, it's Bobby Robot fact.

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